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Car hire in Libreville Gabon

Your car rental in Libreville with driver or without driver , vehicles
4x4, sedans, city cars, and minibuses with Gabon Voyage Afrique Online.

Secure payments by internet, by credit card, by PayPal account , or
by bank transfers domiciled in France in euros, at no additional cost.

Libreville car rental with driver or without driver

For your trips in Libreville, you can rent a city car or sedan type car. The rental can be done with driver or without driver. The rental of small city cars is particularly recommended to ensure your meetings in the city, sedan and VIP cars are
recommended for your evenings or ceremonies in Libreville

Libreville 4x4 car rental

Our 4x4 vehicle rental offer in Gabon meets all travel uses in Gabon. Rental can be done with or without a driver in Libreville, but for all your trips in the country outside Libreville , we recommend rentals with driver .

Minibus and bus rental in Gabon

For your trip to Gabon, we offer minibus rental in Libreville up to 30 seats. These Vehicles are offered for hire exclusively with driver . This your destinations, they can circulate outside Libreville to the North.

Manual for car rental in Gabon

If you have no experience of driving a vehicle in Africa, it is strongly recommended that you hire your vehicle with a driver. However you should know that renting a car in Libreville without a driver you become responsible for the maintenance, and the safety of the vehicle . In the context of a rental of a vehicle with driver in Gabon, the responsibility for the maintenance and safety of the vehicle is transferred to the driver.

In the case of a rental with driver, you have complete control over your rental budget .

The different rental contracts

Our goal is to meet your needs 100% within the framework of an optimized budget. This is why we offer flexible rental contracts , which can integrate different types of vehicles corresponding to the needs of the requested service.
We can integrate in the same contract, the rental of a sedan for your trips in Libreville or in the surroundings and powerful 4X4 for your trips in the rest of the country.
The choice of vehicle is always made according to the destination and the local constraints of the moment.

Our vehicle rental contracts with driver or without driver can be denominated in euros or CFA francs.

What type of vehicles to rent

The choice of your vehicle rental will depend on your trip to Gabon . If you stay exclusively in Libreville, a sedan is sufficient for your trips.
If you are traveling outside Libreville we exclusively offer 4x4 cars with driver which will be adapted to the destination.

This is why we are asking you for details of your travel plan in Gabon in order to offer you the vehicle suitable for your trip.

Do not hesitate to consult us, we will spend the necessary time with you to advise you.

The rental calculation method

The rental price with or without a driver always starts in Libreville.

In the case of a rental without a driver , you must include the payment of the deposit and include various charges as part of the damage excess,

In the case of a rental with a driver , the price includes the rental of the vehicle, the driver's salary and lunch, and unlimited mileage. However, the daily rental price is variable depending on the destination.

In the case of a trip to Gabin over several days, you owe the driver's night at your daily rate.

Present your travel plan in Gabon, response guaranteed within 12 hours (except WE)

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