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Car rental conditions in Gabon

Our car rental services in Gabon


1.1 Vehicle rental from Libreville with driver

The service consists of providing the customer with a vehicle with a driver who speaks at least French and knows GABON perfectly.

The vehicle is in working order, well maintained and has a technical inspection certificate less than a year old.

The rental of the vehicle takes place during the day between 6 am and 8 pm, without however exceeding the 10 hours of availability and 8 hours of driving during the day.

From 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., vehicle rental with driver is charged at a higher rate depending on the type of use.

In the event of a breakdown or damage that immobilizes the driver and his car for more than 2 hours, a replacement procedure can be put in place.

2.1 Vehicle rental with driver in Gabon

  2.1.1 All rentals start at Libreveille, except for exceptions defined in the reservation contract.  The basic pricing for vehicle rental is per day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. with unlimited mileage, the pricing includes the rental of the vehicle in Libreville intramural, the provision of a driver under the conditions defined in art. 1.1. The daily rate is increased for rentals OUTSIDE LIBREVILLE (south, center, west, north). 
Fuel, tolls and taxes are not included in the base rental price .

2.1.2 The rental of vehicles at night is between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. You can hire evening packages from 20 to 24 hours, or night packages if the driver and car are available after MIDNIGHT. In the event that the driver is obliged to continue his activity beyond 8 p.m., the rate is applied after 8 p.m. according to the duration of the overrun.
2.1.3 - The rental of a vehicle outside Libreville , for one day is carried out under the conditions defined in art. 1; In the case of a vehicle rental outside Libreville over several days, the price of the driver's accommodation must be added to the base rate, except for the last day.
2.1.4 -Vehicle rental does not include fuel, however you can subscribe to fuel packages, in which case your driver will pay for the fuel at the pump for you.
During the rental, the fuel package may be adjusted, under the following conditions:
  Modification of the official price of fuel at the pump, - In the case of a difference in the mileage of + or - 50 km; the adjustments will be made on the basis of the information recorded by the driver on the route sheet each day and signed by the customer.

2.2  The price of renting a car without driver in Libreville.

  2.2.1: definition of the price: The prices are valid only for the circulation perimeter defined in the reservation contract. By default, the tariffs corresponding to a traffic authorization in the urban area of Libreville. If the vehicle is required to drive outside the circulation perimeter authorized by the initial reservation contract, the contract may be subject to early termination under the conditions defined by the general conditions, or to additional invoicing corresponding to the actual use of the vehicle.
2.2.2: Insurance: The rates displayed automatically include simple third-party insurance (civil liability, defence, recourse and person).
2.2.3: Fuel: the vehicle is made available with a full tank of fuel or a level of fuel determined when the vehicle is picked up. If the vehicle is not returned with the quantity of fuel identical to that found at the start of the fuel, you will be liable for a penalty of: 10,000 CFA .
2.2.4: breakdowns or accidents:
the vehicle is your responsibility until it is taken over by the breakdown service.  The repair costs are your responsibility and it is strictly forbidden to carry out repairs or towing without our agency's opinion.
2.2.5: The return of the vehicle is done in the premises of the agency, in the absence of return outside the agency, we will be obliged to invoice an additional 15,000 FCFA including tax for the transport costs. The vehicle must be returned clean inside and out, failing which you will be charged an additional 50,000 FCFA upon return. 
2.2.6: Guarantee and deductible: For all cars rented without a driver, the deposit of a guarantee is required before taking charge. The amount of this guarantee is determined by the type of vehicle rented. 

1.2 Car rental in Libreville without a driver

The service consists in making available to you from our agency in Libreville a vehicle under your full responsibility to circulate in Libreville exclusively  except for exceptions defined in the reservation contract.
To access this service you must be at least 18 years old
and have held a driving license for at least two years . The presentation of the license will be required when booking and taking possession of the vehicle. Only the driver identified in the rental contract will be authorized to drive the vehicle.
You are responsible for the vehicle rented without a driver from taking possession to returning it.
You agree to respect the highway code, to pay your fines, to respect the vehicle and its equipment throughout the duration of the rental in Libreville. An inventory will be drawn up jointly between the parties when taking possession of the vehicle and when it is returned.

The price of our car rentals in Libreville


How to book our vehicle rental services in Gabon 


The reservation of the rental of vehicles is done by internet, however you can ask the Call Center or by email to the reservation service to establish an estimate for the service sought. 
3.1- Automatic reservation: The reservation system allows you to choose your vehicle, your routes, and your options. The reservation system identifies the car, the 4X4 and the minibus which is the subject of your rental, however in the event of a last minute technical difficulty, the vehicle can be replaced by an equivalent vehicle. Vehicle rentals, and optional services, are centralized in a basket, after having validated your basket, Your reservation is confirmed after payment of a 30% deposit by credit card or PayPal account. 
3.2 Manual reservation: An estimate is established according to your request, either by email or by completing a form accessible on the website, after acceptance of the estimate, you receive a contract which defines the conditions of reservation and payment . The payment of the deposit upon reservation implies acceptance of the reservation contract, if you choose payment by SEPA direct debit mandate, you have a withdrawal period of 7 days after sending your bank details by email;

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