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Go on vacation to Gabon!

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Your organized trip to Gabon with Voyage Afrique Online, we take care of your vacation rental in Gabon in a camp or in ecotourism villages , in the forest for your safari in Gabon, or on the coast to make you discover the beaches of Gabon.

We offer several destinations around Libreville, especially in Akanda National Park , Lambaréné around Ogooué and the chain of lakes, to the south in Moukalaba Doudou National Park .

How Travel Africa Online organizes your vacation in Gabon?

In Libreville, following your instructions, Voyage Afrique Online will welcome you at the airport to transfer you to the hotel of your choice. The hotel can be booked directly by you if you wish!

We will organize your transport to the place of your holiday accommodation and during your stay we will have scheduled your safari activities with all the necessary logistics.

The service includes full board accommodation, transport logistics, organization of activities at the accommodation, in particular safari, discovery program, etc.

What choice does Gabonese tourism offer?

Gabonese tourism offers sightseeing tourism through the various parks spread over the whole territory. To take advantage of this diversity, we present short stays in different regions of Gabon which will allow you to observe the flora and fauna. You can choose several destinations within the framework of the same stay in Gabon.

Make your program and have a good holiday in Gabon!


Adventure trips to Lambaréné


240 km south of Libreville, the city of Lambaréné, an essential crossroads in the middle of Ogooué. The region has been the scene of numerous migrations and ethnic wars. Capital of the province of Moyen-Ogooué and capital of the department of Ogooué, The city is located in the middle of the Ogooué river and its different ramifications, rivers, rivers or lakes, starting point to discover the region by canoe, to discover the different ethnic groups that inhabit the villages around the lakes or along the river.
We offer
canoe trips through the lakes over one day, a stay of 2 or 3 days in an exceptional site, the Tsam Tsam village on the shore of Lake Onangué, and if you like adventure, go and meet the ancient peoples of Gabon and discover the culture of masks among the Tsogo in Egono or share the way of life of the Pygmies in the heart of the tropical forest in the village "Tranquille" in Le massif du Chaillu.


Ankara Park, mangroves and birds


It is one of the smallest National Parks of around 540 km2. This park presents a mangrove landscape, rich in aquatic species, amphibians and birds. It is Gabon's most important site for migrating birds. Sea turtles also frequent the waters of the park

You will be accommodated at the BEAU-RETRAIT Lodge which is located at the water's edge of the TSINI river arm and the surrounding forest, it is at the entrance to the AKANDA Park.

Activities : Canoe trips to reach the different islands, in particular ASSIMBA island, or MOKA island, the mangrove swamp, fishing villages and bird watching.


Your Safari in Gabon in Nyonie near Libreville


You embark in Libreville at the Michel Marine port to cross the estuary for 1 hour by canoe to the landing stage of the small village of Matec Mavie, then you continue the journey in a 4x4 vehicle. After an hour of track you arrive at the camp where the beach rubs shoulders with savannah and tropical forest .

Activities : Morning hike of about 3 hours early in the morning, around the camp the ideal time to see wildlife, especially the forest elephant, and 4x4 safari for 4 hours. Between the hikes and the 4x4 safari, you can enjoy the beach by the sea. During this stay you will have the opportunity to meet in addition to the elephant, many birds, hand crocodiles, monitor lizards, etc.

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Your gorilla safari in Moukalaba Doudou National Park


Moukalaba-Doudou National Park is located in the south-west of Gabon, a day's drive away. You will be accommodated in ecotourist camps according to your program, in Doussala former forest village, Douguetsi and Mbani. To calculate the duration of your stay, you must include the return journey time, i.e. 2 days of transfer.

Activities : you will spend your time hiking in the forest and tracking wild animals, especially gorillas. You will be accompanied by professional trackers (be careful, tracking is not open to young children). Besides the gorilla, you will be able to observe, the elephant, the forest buffalo, the cobe defassa and also the Nile crocodile and the hippopotamus.

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