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The different public transport solutions in Gabon

Gabon offers different modes of public transport to get around the 9 provinces of the country. However, the choice of your means of transport must be made according to the distance and the time you have available to travel to Gabon, and take into account the season, the dry season December to February and from June to mid-September or October and the rainy season from mid-September to December and from March to June.

To visit Gabon, you have several solutions for your trips, public transport or individual transport, your choice will be guided by your budget and according to your availability, but also you must take into account the seasons.

Getting around Gabon outside Libreville

Getting around Gabon by plane

The country has three international airports located in the capital Libreville , in the Haut-Ogooué province in Franceville about 650 km from the capital, and in Port-Gentil south of Libreville.

These airports are served by airlines from Gabon,

  • Afrijet , which serves from Libreville, Franceville and Port-Gentil,

  • Nationale Regionale Transport which serves from Libreville, Franceville, Gamba, Koulamoutou, Oyem and Port-Gentil airports .

To travel within the country, Gabon has national airports in four provinces:

  • Gamba on the coast 650 km south of Libreville in the province in the province of Ogooué-Maritime,

  • Koulamoutou near Lope Park in the province of Ogooué-Lolo in the center of the country about 580 km from Libreville.

  • Oyem in the province of Woleu-Ntem, 370 km from Libreville in the north of the country

  • Tchibanga located in the province of Nyanga. 408 km south-east of Libreville

In addition, the company 2AG organizes charter flights on demand in Gabon for 18 to 56 people.

Getting around Gabon by train

The Transgabonais is the Gabonese railway managed by SETRAG GABON, consisting of a single line over 669 km linking Owendo, the suburb of the capital Libreville, to Franceville, located on the Ogooué river. The line serves 23 stations at a maximum speed of 80 km / h for passenger trains and 60 km / h for freight trains

It is a mineral and goods transport railway, ensuring the transport of logs and manganese ore. However, passenger traffic serving 19 stations is in place four times a week and every day during the high season.

To travel to Gabon by train, you have:

  • From the omnibus train: Trans-Ogooue which stops in 7 stations of Ndjolé, Lopé, Booué, Ivindo, Lastourville, Moanda and Franceville.

  • From the Equateur train which serves all the stations, namely Ntoum, Andem, Mbel, Oyan, Abanga, Ndjolé, Otumbi, Ayem, Lopé, Offoué, Booué, Ivindo, Mouyabi, Milolé, Lastourville, Lifouta, Mboungou, Moanda and Franceville.

Train journeys take place at night with departures in the late afternoon

  • From Libreville (6:50 p.m.) Monday, Wednesday, Friday for Trans-Ogoouepour and Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday for the Ecuador train

  • From de Franceville (7:50 p.m.), Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday for the Trans-Ogoouepour and Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the Ecuador train

You must book your tickets at least 48 hours before the day of departure , you have the choice between 3 classes,

  • the VIP class with good individual armchairs with tablet, very suitable for sleeping,

  • the first class corresponding to the comfort of the European trains of the 1980s, these two classes are well air-conditioned, so cover up for the trip;

  • the second class is less comfortable and less air conditioned therefore much warmer during the trip.

  • The train is equipped with a bar car which offers cold drinks, coffee, tea and small snacks, with distribution service in VIP and 1st class.

Getting around by boat in Gabon

Regular daily connections exist between Libreville and Port-Gentil and twice a week between Port-Gentil and Lambaréné on the Ogooué river

Travel by private vehicle

Car rental in Gabon is the most suitable form of transport to visit Gabon in complete safety. You can rent a car without a driver in Libreville, or rent a sedan, a 4x4 or a minibus with a driver to visit Gabon.

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