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Gabon a destination for business and tourism

Gabon is a country in Africa, it is located in the equator at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It stretches over 800 km of coastline bordering the Gulf of Guinea to the west and is bordered to the northwest by Equatorial Guinea, to the north by Cameroon, then to the south by the Republic of Congo.

In Gabon discover the second tropical forest in the world:

Seven hours' flight from Paris , your trip to Africa to Gabon will introduce you to virgin tourist sites, in particular, thanks to its equatorial forest which covers 80% of the country and makes it the second largest tropical forest after the Amazon. These massifs are distributed in thirteen protected national parks which are populated by a very varied African fauna and wild flora with populations of elephants, panthers, buffaloes, chimpanzees and gorillas . These thirteen parks are divided into six zones, namely the mangrove, the flooded and swamp forest, the non-flooded forest of the coastal basin, the mountain forest, the forest of the interior plateaus and that of the northeastern plateaus.

The climate in Gabon is distinguished by two dry seasons from December and February and from June to mid-September or October and two rainy seasons from mid-September or October to December and from March to June. Depending on the season, temperatures vary between 21 and 28 degrees.

Gabon an equatorial climate in four seasons

Gabon rich in natural resources

In addition to oil exploitation which represents about 80% of Gabon's exports, the country has a highly developed forestry exploitation, as well as diversified mineral resources such as manganese, gold, iron ore, of which Gabon holds abundant reserves, and also the subsoil would contain metals like niobium, rare earths, uranium, copper, zinc. The assembly of these resources is favorable to the development of business in Gabon.

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