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Tourism in Gabon

Tourism in Gabon is an exceptional destination. You will discover tropical nature and African wildlife made up of varied landscapes with the equatorial forest, the African savannah, the coastal beaches. These large spaces are inhabited by large mammals and small African fauna. Your trip to Gabon will guarantee you a change of scenery and unforgettable memories.

African wildlife

In Gabon, the tropical forest covers 80% of the territory. It is populated by African wildlife in large numbers and of high quality. You can discover around 64,000 elephants, 25,000 gorillas, 35,000 chimpanzees, but also very rare species such as the lowland gorilla, the sun-tailed monkey, the mandrill, the forest elephant, the bongo a large antelope of the tropical forests and also a large variety of birds about 680 species including the picatharte.

On the coast, you can see 2 to 3,000 humpback whales or discover on the Gabon beach the laying of sea turtles, the most famous of which is the leatherback turtle.

A rich and dense equatorial forest

During your trip to Gabon in the national parks, you will observe many precious essences such as okoumé whose resin is used to make torches, light fires, fill holes and cracks in a canoe or even as an antiseptic. . The very hard red padauk resistant wood, the moabi with its straight trunk and its fruits with a strong yeast odor that attract elephants.

You can also appreciate some 320 species of orchids. The African savannah is also present in certain region of Gabon as well as the mangrove on the Gabonese coast.

A very old population of Gabon

More than 50% of the population of Gabon lives in cities and in particular in the region of Libreville, consequently the rest of the territory is sparsely populated.

However the traces of the first peoples of Gabon go back to about 400,000 years, the Pygmies of Gabon would come from this population, they are hunters and gatherers. Then over the centuries the Bantu arrived from the Sahelian zone, which was in the process of drying up, the Bantu peoples were semi-sedentary and practice animal husbandry.

During your trip to Gabon in the tropical forests or in the African savannah, you will have the opportunity to discover the traditions and the daily life of these traditional peoples.

Gabon's tourist sites

Your Gabon safari will take you to one of Gabon's 13 national parks. While browsing these parks you will discover the natural treasures of Gabon in particular the Koungou, Djidji and Iboundji waterfalls; the spectacular landscapes of Lopé, Wonga Wongué and the Batéké Plateaux; the beaches of Pongara, Loango and Mayumba as well as the peaks of the Monts de Cristal and the Massif du Chaillu.

In Libreville and on the Gabon coast

Near Libreville in Pongara or further south of Gabon Loango and Mayumba you will observe elephants, hippos, buffaloes and even gorillas , walking on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

In Loango and in the MOUKALABA DOUDOU National Park , come and observe the gorillas very closely, which are used to seeing tourists.

In addition to July-September discover on the horizon humpback whales and from November-March with a peak in December-January, witness the migration of leatherback and olive ridley turtles which climb on the tops of the beach to make their nests.

Towards Eastern Gabon

At around 6.30am by car, admire the Monts de Cristal national park , Libreville water tower. In this region you can hike in the forest, visit hydroelectric dams, and discover the multiple varieties of orchids and Begonias while admiring the waterfalls.

About 300 km from Libreville Further east , the Lopé national park classified as a mixed nature and culture site of the world heritage of humanity with archaeological sites and its African fauna. You will discover in particular the groups of mandrills which can exceed 1000 individuals, they wear radio collars to allow scientists and visitors to locate them and also observe them, a unique monkey in Gabon, the sun-tailed monkey, discovered by scientists in 1984 alone

The equatorial forest towards the North-East of Gabon

Change of scenery in the tropical forest of Ivindo National Park, discover the Kongou Falls in the dugout, you will walk in the forest accompanied by experienced guides, you will be accommodated in camps in the heart of the rainforest, and you will observe chimpanzees, gorillas, forest elephants, and mandrills thanks to the equipped platforms, in particular in the Bai de Langoué .

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