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Your tour in Gabon!


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We organize your trip to go to Gabon according to your constraints, dates, duration and budget

Voyage Afrique Online, offers tours in the tourist sites of Gabon according to the mode of organization that suits you best. We offer free circuits or more integrated circuits.

Our service for your visit of Gabon à la carte includes, the rental of the vehicle and its driver, the visit of the Gabon tourist site (entrance fee), the approved local guide, the trackers, additional activities (dances, traditional activities , etc. depending on the type of circuits chosen (free or integrated), fuel and accommodation.

The landscape of Gabon is rich and varied, we suggest you visit Gabon by choosing different modules allowing you to discover Gabonese tourism à la carte.

What to do in Gabon?

We have chosen to help you discover the diversity of Gabon. We suggest, for example, going to Gabon, in the East and the North-East, or going down to the south and towards the Coast.
In the East :
The Lopé National Park  fora safari in the African savannah, to continue, if you have the time necessary, in the North-East towardsIvindo National Park, where you can doa multi-day hike in the rainforest by canoe and on foot. To get to these regions you can take the train and you will be supported on site by our teams.

With our southern Gabon circuit, we offer you a visit to three parks,Moukalaba Doudou National Park to observe in particulargorillasthen continue towards the coast to observe aboard a boatHumpback whales or humpback dolphins, (from May to October) off Mayumba or observe theleatherback turtlesduring the laying period (from November to April)  from Mayumba Park,

With our coastal circuit , Discover Loango Park, a jewel of African biodiversity. With its spectacular landscapes ranging from tropical forests and mangroves to white sandy beaches, then continue your tour in Gabon towards  Sette Cama which you will join at the enda 20 km trek using a forest path between the village of  of Inyoungou and Sounga. Before joining Mayumba Park.
On your return you will a stop in Lambaréné to discover in a canoethe ancestral traditions of Gabon 

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Trek and hike in the rainforest


An immersive hike in the primary tropical forest in Gabon thatyou will discover by canoe or by walking accompanied by experienced guides.

You will sleep in camps in the middle of the forest with basic comfort, you can take your bath in the morning or evening in the Ivindo river or near the Kongou falls.

During your hike, you will discover lush flora andyou will be able to observe a varied African fauna, forest elephants, gorillas, buffaloes and a wide variety of birds.

your experienced guides are used to the forest and will share their knowledge of the tropical forest with you, particularly its African fauna.

The Lopé park


Accompanied by our guide from the region, we invite you to discover during your stay in the Lopé park, a mosaic landscape made up of the savannah, tropical forest and Mount Brazza which culminates at an altitude of 500 meters which dominates  Ogooué River.

We invite you to discover the parkover 4 days or 5 days alternating walks in the forest and safari in the savannah with a   4x4 and nights in bivouac,to track the tropical fauna that populates the Lopé park, buffalo, elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, and mandrills.

If you want to see the mandrills in the Lopé park, they are easier to access between July and  October, for the other species are visible all year round either in the forest or in the savannah.

Tour to the south of Gabon


A southern circuit towards the MOUKALABA DOUDOU National Park. You will discover exceptional landscapes composed of equatorial forests and African savannahs. You will track wildlife and wildlife with experienced guides.particularly gorillas, the park has a large population of more than 4,500 individuals who are subject to special monitoring. But you can also meet Nile crocodiles or elephants and many other species!

Mayumba Park, where you can observe the leatherback turtles which come to lay their eggs from November to April or observeoff the coast of Mayumba aboard a specially equipped boat July humpback whales; to September

On the way back, stop at Lambaréné to discover the lakes of Onangue and Evaro, meet traditional fishermen or go down the Ngounie River to meet the ancestral populations who populate Gabon, the Akele, the Fang  the Tsogos, you can also discover the Tsamba and Magoutsi rapids or stay in a Pygmy village!

The Coastal circuit


Loango Parkis a jewel of African biodiversity. With its spectacular landscapes ranging from rainforests and mangroves to white sandy beaches, this park offers an unforgettable experience for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Setté Cama which you will reach after a 20 km trek between the village of  of Inyoungou and Sounga. This stunning place is located at the mouth of the Iguela River, offering stunning views of mangroves and white sandy beaches

Mayumba Marine Park is a true paradise for marine life lovers. Located south of Loango Park, this marine park is home to an incredible diversity of marine species, including humpback whales (July to September) sea turtles (December to February) and dolphins. Dive into the crystal clear waters and be fascinated by the beauty of underwater life.

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