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With 90% of the main road network in Gabon is not asphalted, we offer suitable vehicles even in rainy periods. We offer solutions adapted to your needs: 4x4 rental with driver Gabon without deposit , experienced drivers knowing perfectly the state of the roads in Gabon. The rental of 4x4 from Libreville without driver with the payment of a guarantee . The security deposit is made online by credit card.

Libreville 4x4 rental

We offer a wide range of 4x4s. The choice of vehicle depends on the destination of your trip to Gabon , and in particular the region or regions in which you wish to go. We have Toyota and Ford vehicles available to you depending on your journey. The rental is exclusively taken out with an experienced driver .

To allow us to give you a quote, you must specify the regions of Gabon in which you wish to go.

4x4 rental from Libreville

4x4 utility rental in Gabon

For your business trips, we offer a range of utility 4x4s. We have two leading brands in this type of material, Ford and Toyota. Like tourist 4x4s, we only offer these rentals with experienced drivers. The price depends on the region of Gabon you want to go to.

To establish a quote, we need to know the details of your trip to Gabon.

Manual for 4x4 rental in Gabon

You must take into account the season to go to Gabon

Taking into account the state of the roads, traffic on the roads outside Libreville is easier in the dry season December to February and from June to mid-September or October and much more difficult in the rainy seasons from mid-September to December and from March to June.


The choice of the 4x4 vehicle and our guarantees

We will choose your vehicle according to the tour destination in Gabon. The vehicles we offer are recent and checked before each departure by our mechanics . Our drivers are able to maintain the vehicle throughout your trip in the country.

The rental calculation method

All our rental rates are established from Libreville, return Libreville . As part of a transfer from Libreville to another city in Gabon, the price of the transfer includes the outward and return trip to Libreville of the vehicle.
The daily rental rate includes: the rental of the 4x4 vehicle, maintenance, insurance, the driver's salary and his living expenses during the day.
In the case of a rental without return in the evening to Libreville, the price of the driver's accommodation must be added.
The estimate is established inclusive of all taxes.

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