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A trek in the equatorial forest, crossing the Ivindo park in Gabon

Departing from Makokou, and for 10 days and 9 nights you will discover the Ivindo national park, a primary equatorial forest. This crossing will allow you to spend the night at the foot of the Kongou Falls, to walk for two days in the heart of the tropical forest of Ivindo Park to the Djidji River, to bivouac in the forest, and to finish with the Baï de langoué to observe the wildlife that frequents this salt clearing rich in food.

This trek is a synthesis of the two hikes which take you to the Kongou Falls and the Baï de Langoué. The program is indicative, it may be modified for technical reasons.

Day 1

Your transfer from Libreville to Ivindo Park 


The transfer to Ivindo Park will be made directly from Libreville to Makokou by individual or collective taxi


Our coordinator will pick you up in Libreville, in the evening at the airport, or at your hotel, to take you to the bus station, departure point for taxis and collective buses.

day 2

. From Makokou to Kongou Falls

Départ vers les chutes de Kongou.webp

The hike will start from Makokou, after breakfast at the hotel. You will board at the pier of the IRET research station to go to the Kongou Falls which are located on the Ivindo River. The transfer will take place in a motorized canoe approximately 6 meters long, equipped with a 40 HP engine, cut from a single tree which is hollowed out and tapered to cut through the water. Navigation time is three hours
For information, we can only transport 4 tourists per canoe, taking into account the number of guides between 4 and 5 people and the volume of luggage.
You will stay in the camp's bungalows.

Day 3

Visit Kongou Falls and walk to Lassandja

CHUTES Makokou.webp

After a short 15-minute navigation, you will cross the virgin forest to reach the Djidji river 15 km away. However, you are in a virgin forest and the progress is slow, approximately between 1 and 2 km per hour. Consequently, our program suggests covering this distance in two days of walking to reach the Djidji river.
You will be supervised by our guides, in this tropical forest trek, they will help you in particular in transporting your belongings.

After about 7 hours of walking, you will stop at the Lassandja intermediate camp to bivouac in the middle of the forest.

Our guides will prepare a wood-fired meal for you using local products.

day 4

Continuation of  trekking in virgin forest towards the Djidji river


After breakfast, and the folding of the tents, you will continue your walk for about 6 hours towards the Djidji river.
During your walk, you will have to listen to the sounds of the virgin forest and you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to hear the cry of gorillas which scrutinize you during your passage and observe the tropical fauna of the Gabonese forest. .
You will spend another night in the forest 

Day 5

Continuation of the hike through the Ivindo park towards the Djidji river

installtion du  bivouac  en forêt.webp

After breakfast, and folding the tents  continuation for about 6 hours of walking towards the Djidji river
You will stop at the crocodile lakes (July/August/September) a swamp which is on the left bank , It is an outgrowth 100 meters wide by 400 to 500 m long attached to the river, by a narrow strip of land some 10 to 15 meters wide, you can observe the African false gharial, antelopes, buffaloes and possibly silverback gorillas. 
In the evening you will bivouac at the edge of the river and can take a bath in the river before enjoying the wood-fired cuisine prepared by your guides with fish on the menu such as Yaras caught in the river.

day 6

Crossing the Djidji River and continuing the walk towards Langoué

traversé rivière la rivière Djidji..webp

After the morning swim in the river and a fish-based breakfast, you cross the Djidji river or descend  of the Djidji by canoe (if the water level allows it)‎ and continuation of the walk towards Langoué
You will bivouac in the forest.

Day 7

Continuation of the walk in the tropical forest and  to the  Mount Kingue

feu de camp pour la nuit.webp

You continue your walk for about 7 hours in the heart of Ivindo Park to reach  Mount Kingué which culminates at 749 M 
You will spend the night in the forest in a bivouac.

day 8

Departure for the bay of Langoué and observation of African fauna.

Gorille  Ie dans le bai.webp

Pursuit  the walk to the Langoué camp (6h), first visit to the bay of Langoué and return to the Langoué camp

The Baï de Langoué is one of the largest saline clearings in Ivindo National Park with an area of 12.5 ha and a length of 850 m for a width of 350 m where the surrounding wildlife comes to feed. and quench your thirst. 
We advise you to be equipped with a good pair of binoculars to follow at about 150 meters the comings and goings of the wild fauna and in particular, the elephant, the gorilla of the western plains, the African buffalo, the river pig, and a resident population of sitatunga as well as many species of birds.

Day 9

Observation of wildlife in the Bai de Longoué

observatoire du bai.webp

Second visit to the bay of Langoué, night on the wildlife observation tower

To reach the baï de Langoué observation platform, you will have to walk about 4.5 km.

The platform has 2 floors, i.e. 3 levels, each level is approximately 9 m2, level 2 has an unobstructed view of the bay. Level 3, which is the upper part of the observatory. We are about 8m above the ground. This is where you will spend the night.

During the night you will have the opportunity to observe the wildlife that frequents the Bai

Clarification: You are in a natural environment, the baï is a place where wildlife come to feed, especially the elephant. However, we do not guarantee that you will be able to observe all the fauna during your stay in the baï.

Day 10

Transfer from the baï de langoué camp to the town of Booué.

Traversé du fleuve Ogooué .webp

Departure from the observation platform in Langoué on foot to the LANGOUÉ parking area where you will be met by a quad with its driver who will take you to the Dilo camp then transfer to Booué towards the station or the bush taxi for return towards Libreville.

Learn more about the river  Djidji consult Jeanlou's travel diary 


Justine and Clément completed the trek in 10 days

The program: 04/27/2024 Assistance at the airport by Jérôme for formalities, 04/28/2024 departure for Makokou by bus, 04/29/2024 start of the trek towards Kangou Falls, return by train on 05/08/2024, arrival Libreville at 8 a.m. on 05/09/2004 welcomed by Jérôme.

Justine and Clément tell us about their trek

Hello Camille,

We got home safely.

Everything went very well.

The guides are adorable, attentive and caring. We didn't encounter that many difficulties, it was completely within our reach.

We saw a lot of animals and plants.

At Bai We saw elephants, Gorillas, Buffalo and Sitatunga.

We had the unexpected chance to see the Gaboon Viper!

We loved Gabon and the Gabonese people.

It was a very enriching experience from a naturalistic and human point of view. The guides are adorable.

I am sending you some photos from our trip.

Justine et Clément

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