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How to discover the majestic beauty of Kongou Falls

You will reach it from Makokou, by motorized canoe piloted by expert canoeists. Navigation on the Ivindo River lasts between 3 and 4 hours where you will navigate between rapids and meanders. During the navigation you will observe a marvel of nature. These spectacular waterfalls are an often overlooked natural treasure, providing an unforgettable experience for thrill-seeking adventurers. The roaring, rushing water tumbling from dizzying heights creates a breathtaking spectacle , immersing you in an atmosphere of magic and power. Located in the dense tropical forest of Iivindo National Park, Kongou Falls invites you to explore an incredibly diverse ecosystem. You will be amazed by the flora and fauna that thrive there, including colorful birds and exotic plants. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast, a photography enthusiast or simply a nature lover, this natural paradise is sure to dazzle you . Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Kongou Falls, where harmony between man and nature is preserved.

Organization of the trip from Libreville

Our organization will pick you up from your hotel in Libreville to take you to the bus station. The journey between Libreville, as well as the return, is by collective bus. The trip to Makokou lasts the day, upon your arrival in Makokou, our correspondent will take you to your hotel.

The next day, the team who will accompany you during your stay will pick you up at the hotel.

On your return from the falls you will be taken to the hotel, our correspondent will take you to your bus the next morning for your return to Libreville where you will be welcomed and then dropped off at your hotel or accommodation in Libreville.

Hiking program at Kongou Falls in Gabon

Option This hike can be combined with the program which takes you to the baï de Langoué, in this case you are picked up by 4x4 in Makokou to be directed to Booué (overnight in Booué), then the next day towards the Baï de Langoué.

Progress of the hike to Kongou Falls

Day 1

Pick-up from Makokou hotel for Kongou Falls hike

The team will pick you up from the Makokou hotel to transfer you to the pier. The trip by motorized canoe with three experienced guides lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours. In the evening your accommodation is located near the falls in the middle of the forest in a camp with rooms with double beds (The camp is lit by hurricane lamps and there is no hot water, you can heat the water over a wood fire Meals at the camp are based on African specialties (vegetables, smoked fish, fish fritters, fried fish, smoked chicken, cassava leaves, etc.).

day 2

Discovery of Kongou Falls and the virgin forest of Gabon

The day is devoted to visiting the falls, exploring the canyon aboard two small rowing canoes and taking walks on foot. You will discover forest islets, very diverse forest landscapes along the river, you will observe many species of birds such as Gabonese parrots, the African grayling and perhaps a forest elephant. ! In the evening return to camp and evening relaxation in the forest. You will be supervised by experienced guides native to the region who are also in charge of preparing food for you during your stay in the forest.

Day 3

Return to Makokou or Booué depending on the option chosen

Return by canoe to Makokou and drop off at the Makokou hotel where you will spend the night waiting for the return bus to Libreville the next morning.

As an option , you can choose to be transferred by 4x4 to Booué where you will spend the night before leaving for Baï de Langoué the next morning. As part of this option, your return to Libreville will be by train.

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