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Travel guide to organize a tourist or professional stay in Gabon

Opening onto the Atlantic Ocean, Gabon is an African country very popular with all travelers. Its territory is rich in fauna and flora, then its coasts are marked by magnificent lagoons. In addition, these are natural havens for humpback whales, which is sure to impress you. Gabon is above all a prime tourist address, despite the rising cost of living.

The sites to visit absolutely during a trip to Gabon

Gabon offers you a trip to the Lopé reserve, a site 200 km from Libreville. This large park is home to a variety of wildlife such as elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, monkeys, gorillas, etc. You can then organize a group safari to observe these specimens from near or far. After that you will move on to Libreville, the capital of the country, to do some sightseeing. Historical and cultural buildings await you, namely the National Museum of Arts and Traditions or the districts of N'Kembo. Besides these popular places, the lakes region near Lambaréné is also another place to discover. It is home to many bodies of water, including Lake Evaro which is the natural home of hippos.

Information to know for a successful stay in Gabonese territory

A trip to Gabon can be done all year round. However, if possible, avoid the rainy season in this country, because during this period mosquitoes abound. As a result, malaria and chikungunya increase dramatically. To complete your tailor-made trip to Africa, therefore, it would be best to go to Gabon from May to September. Other than that, although you love swimming, swimming in rivers and lakes is not recommended. In fact, it is the easiest way to catch parasitic infections. When you want to drink water, also favor bottled water rather than tap water to maintain good health. Then, while visiting natural parks, you should avoid petting stray animals. And to deal with any problem, it is strongly recommended to take out repatriation insurance.

If you are in Gabon for a short stay or a weekend, it would be ideal to rent a car. In cities like Libreville, you will easily find car rental agencies that can offer you excellent services. You will be able to visit the country in perfect safety and without having to rush. In addition, you will be able to carry out your tourist circuits at your convenience, which will enrich your tailor-made trip to Africa. In addition, renting a car in Gabon will allow you to facilitate your business trips throughout the country. You will find all kinds of rental contracts and formulas at reasonable prices.

Car rental, a better solution for getting around Gabon

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