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Become familiar with the culture and arts of Gabon

Choosing Gabon as a tourist destination allows you to see various original elements. Travelers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with artistic works of this country. For example, they will be able to enjoy better moments reading the novel "La Mémoire du rivière". This book is written by French author Christian Dedet who is particularly interested in in-depth studies of African culture. He lets tourists get a glimpse of the identity of the Gabonese who are attached to their traditions. Also, there are other authors who reveal themselves through their works. Janis Otsiemi is one of them. It shows holidaymakers-readers its ability to combine French literature and Gabonese literature. The latter are perfected by this great intellectual. He was born in 1976 in Franceville and specializes in writing thrillers. It is indeed a human element not to be missed to immerse yourself in Gabonese feathers.

Discover the identity of the Gabonese people

In addition, tourists will also be invited to make cinematographic discoveries. These will be able to immortalize a tailor-made trip to this third world land. They represent the skills of Gabonese in audiovisual arts. The latter are becoming more and more famous in Africa. They will interest vacationers with their original and professional characters. Nadine Otsobogo's short films are, for example, among the emblematic figures in this sector. They impress moviegoers with her production entitled "Dialemi" literally translated into French "Elle rire". This film is a cultural gem screened during international festivals.

Finally, on the musical level, better discoveries and pleasures will be waiting for you. They will be highlighted through the works of Patience Dabany, the former first lady. This is revealed through his pieces that have echoed outside Gabon. Also, this country is made up of several ethnic groups. It is home to a good number of musicians who offer visitors a folklore . It is a popular rhythm varying from region to region and comes in various types. It can be seen through original dances. The Ingwala of the Njebi tribe, the Eko of Fang and the Mbouanda of the Punu are among them. Indeed, the stay spent in Gabon can be marked with impressive cultural elements.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

By going to various places or villages in Gabon, holidaymakers will be able to get in direct contact with the local inhabitants. These differ from one ethnic group to another. They may originate from the Bantu people still consisting of around fifty small tribes. In this case, tourists will be invited by their guides to immerse themselves more in the social atmosphere to better reveal the identity of the Gabonese. These Africans are, for example, known to have become attached to the culture of traditional masks.

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